The goldsmith's art is the art of working gold and other precious metals, such as silver and platinum, to obtain artistic objects.
The art of the goldsmith was closely related with the jewellery, which manufactured products using precious metals as binders for the production of jewelry with gems.
The working of gold, which was one of the first metals to be used for the qualities of indestructibility and malleability, are for the most part identical to those of ancient jewelry are, in fact, obtained by melting and made using various techniques, such as the chisel, the mould, to jump, to watermark, the baccellatura, etc.
The goldsmith lab Mazzon Jewelry has mastered this art, so old, more than 65 years ago and even today carries on with pride and professionalism.
The workshop is a hotbed of creativity, where we create step-by-step all of our jewelry, and we repair your memories, work through a ranging from CAD design and rapid prototyping, with the creation of the 3D file of Your ideas, the welding of each material, followed by polishing, and the incastonazione of gems.