The company Mazzon was born 65 years ago by the passion for clocks, grandfather Peter then carried on by his son Gaudentius. Lost his father when he was only 13 years Gaudenzio began to work as a “ragazzo di bottega” in a well-known shop in Padua, there to learn the craft techniques and the rudimentary processing of the gold and the repair of watches and clocks, and then refined over time with a lot of experience and passion.
Gaudenzio, after many years, decides to open his own business, becoming a point of reference in the watchmaking and goldsmith's art of the Alta Padovana. Subsequently, assisted by his sons Juric, Paul and Simone enlarges its business by providing Clients with a service of craftsmanship and service.
After the retirement of the father, and the company is renamed "Mazzon Jewels" and continues in the work of goldsmith's art and watchmaking to guarantee its Customers a service "one to one" of excellence, providing an experience handed down by generations.